Attention: Coaches, Consultants, Freelancers & Agency Owners:

“This ‘Productivity Framework’ Was Supposed To Remain The Secret Weapon Of An 8-Figure Consultancy And A Small Handful Of Its Most High-Ticket Clients”

In 2020, it could be the very thing that helps you multiply your productive output... cut your workday in half... and take “feeling overwhelmed” off your plate for good

Imagine for a moment you need to complete all of the following within the next 2 weeks…

  • Build new sales funnel
  • Don’t stop fulfilling your current clients (or they’ll leave)
  • Write daily organic posts on Facebook
  • ​Email that slowly dying email list of yours
  • ​Get your new ads working (cause the old ones stopped)
  • ​Follow up with that person who ghosted you on Tuesday
  • Send the final approval for new xyz for your business (never mind don’t have time to do that anymore)
  • ​Write a new eBook (coach told you to do it)
  • ​Record 9 new podcasts & 4 new hours of video training (hate video, but ‘business’, right?)
  • ​Make it home for dinner so your family knows you don’t hate them
  • ​Go to church (wife’s making you)

Now I’ll admit, these tasks probably vary a bit from the long list of things you need to get done, BUT...

If you’re breaking out in a cold sweat at just the THOUGHT of trying to get that much done.

You wouldn’t be the only one...

Not long ago that would’ve sent me sprinting for the exits.

But when my business was pushed to the brink of collapse…

I Was Forced To “Find A Way” Or Close The Doors On A Thriving Consultancy

Because there’s no denying…

If you want to create wealth, freedom and impact for you and your family – you MUST be able to get the important, “needle-moving” activities DONE in your business – consistently!

And while it once seemed impossible, that’s a workload I can now handle…

Without overwhelm. Without working extra hours. And without even offloading tasks to other people.

Best of all, this same discovery is now being used by everyone on my team…

Along with over 2,381 coaches, consultants and service providers who have ALREADY unlocked new levels of output and achievement using this approach…

But it didn’t happen by accident…

When We Started Our Business…
We Didn’t Know It Would Nearly Kill Us!

“Dude, I’m just trying not to die!” 

I’m Taylor Welch… and that’s what my business partner, Chris Evans, said to me one evening in March of 2018.

Weird to hear from him, since he’s usually the stoic one. 

But this was far from a “usual” situation for us.

See, we’d grown our coaching and consulting business – Traffic and Funnels – rapidly over the couple years prior…

At that point we’d just cleared $500k in monthly revenue...

And while we’d put in a LOT of hard work to get there. 

We’d finally hit our breaking point. And “hard work” wasn’t cutting it anymore.

The demands of our business had skyrocketed...

...and we were DROWNING in it.

Perhaps you can relate?

Doesn’t matter how big your business is, even if you’re still stuck around $3-8k/mo... I’m sure you’ve had times where it felt like the demands were too much to handle.

We had all these goals, projects in the pipeline… but weren’t making ANY of them happen no matter how hard we tried.

But even worse, we were practically running away from our own business…


And “retreat” is exactly what we were doing…

  • We were constantly taking days off (even weeks on a few occasions)... just to deal with the burnout.
  • ​So many things were falling through the cracks. Constant fires. Fulfillment was on the verge of falling apart.
  • Massive inefficiencies all throughout our business.
  • ​And because we weren’t there half the time, our team wasn’t able to perform well either (after all, it all starts at the top).

The funny thing is, before this point, we thought we were focused, we thought we were productive – heck, our methods were better than most entrepreneurs...

But when faced with the growing demands, it all collapsed.

It got to the point where...

Jay Abraham Had To Talk
Us Down From The Ledge...

When Chris and I got on the phone with our business mentor, Jay Abraham…
The first thing out of his mouth was...
“Are you guys okay?!”
He could sense it in our voices immediately…

The anxiety…
The stress…
The complete and total overwhelm.

Now, here’s an important point:

Entrepreneurs are never quite satisfied. We’re always striving for that next level – more income, better clients, greater impact...

So when you have these massive goals, but you’re at a place where you’re NOT hitting them...

Where you’re not accomplishing what you set out to do...

It really screws you up.

Chris and I let so many things that weren’t a priority completely derail us and steer us off course.

And it ended up being very costly (it easily cost us seven figures).

But of course, it wasn’t just business being impacted by this.

There was a tremendous toll on our personal lives.

At this point, my relationships were non-existent. 

I was at home but I wasn’t at home. I was on the phone all the time. Putting out fires 24/7.

The Worst Moment Was When My Wife, Lindsey, Asked Me A Question That 
Shook Me To My Core…

Taylor's wife, Lindsey

“If we have a baby... is it just gonna be me?”

Those words felt like a dagger twisting into my soul.

You see, I was ready to start a family at that point... but she was right.

The reality was I was never really there. I wasn’t present. I wasn’t showing up the way she needed me to.

I knew things couldn’t continue like this…

The cost was too high.

And that’s when a whole host of dangerous questions start to enter your mind. Questions like...

“Should I just quit?! Am I 
even doing the right thing?”

Chris and I were pushed to the point where we started having conversations like...

“I dunno, maybe we should just pull back. Maybe we’re okay with just a tiny slither of this pie.”

But after all this, one thing was blindingly clear – this was make or break. We had to make the decision:

Either Drop Our Ambition And Settle
For Less Than We Were Capable…

...Or Figure Out A Way To
Tap Unbeatable New Levels Of 
Productivity, Clarity, Focus… & Revenue

We opted for the latter.

And I’m glad we did, because while it took months and months of trial and error…

...building upon foundations laid by some of the smartest, most productive people alive...

By Fall of 2018 we were at a level unlike ever before...

Finishing projects, hitting our goals, and accomplishing things at a pace we never believed was possible.

Best of all, things have only improved from there (we’re actually AHEAD on our goals now).

And today, you have the opportunity to do the same in your business…

But first, it’s worth considering how your current level of productivity, output and focus is impacting you…

...Are you doing what you say you’re going to do?
...Are you finishing things that move the needle?
...Are you losing your freedom because you keep falling behind?

Let’s face it, if you’re still with me you know it’s not nearly at the level it could be.

In fact...

For many coaches, consultants and service providers, it looks something like...

  • Working 10, 12, even 18 hours days and having nothing left over for those you care about most
  • ​Working Saturdays and Sundays simply because there’s no other way to keep up
  • Working on a million different things and never really knowing if anything was moving forward or not
  • ​Missing goals consistently – or repeatedly pushing out the timeline for their achievement because you keep falling short
  • ​Spinning your wheels and getting nowhere – even when you put in the sweat and tears
  • ​Losing confidence in your ability to actually get things done… and then lowering what you expect of yourself
  • ​Stopping yourself from aiming high and taking smart “risks” because you don’t trust your own ability to follow through
  • ​​Feeling overwhelmed, out of control, or like you’re drowning with all the things you need to do
  • ​Having a difficult time staying on track each day
  • ​Escaping the pressure through days off, distraction and doing things that don’t matter
  • ​Slipping into “feast and famine” cycles because you’re exhausted trying to juggle client fulfillment with marketing yourself and closing new clients
  • ​Making decisions from a place of fear
  • ​Looking back 3 months (or longer) and realizing you haven’t actually made any worthwhile progress

So it begs the question:

What The Heck Is Going On Here? And More Importantly, What Can You Do About It?

Well, you’ve probably tried a planner… or a system… or some “hacks” to become more effective with your daily output…

Some of it helped, much of it didn’t… but nothing really got you all the way there.

And there’s a reason for that.

But before I share what was missing, allow me address something important:

What you’ve been doing up until now may not be entirely broken.

But here’s the reality. Most things are like that – you’re 99% of the way there but ONE thing is missing…

And it’s the critical thing keeping you from getting what you want.

It’s like if I decided… 

My whole life is “put together”... I’m exercising, I’m a great Dad, I’m providing for my family, I’m helping people lead better lives…

But I just decided not to eat food.

Well, guess what? 

I’m gonna die.

It’s just ONE small thing, but isn’t the 1% critical?

Or imagine a car. But just ONE circuit’s not connected… 

So the brakes don’t work.

So What IS The Critical 1%? 
What’s The Missing Factor Here?

There’s 2 parts to this… one philosophical and one tactical.

What everybody WANTS… and what nearly every productivity “tool” in the world is designed for is… 


If you’re into racing, it’s like getting a better engine… but you still suck as a driver.

If you’re into bowling, you’ll get a better ball… but continue to sink it in the gutter.

And if you’re into basketball... 

You can go buy that better pair of shoes, but listen... 

You’re not beating anybody unless you can become a better athlete.

That’s where most methods fall short. Because...

Look, You Don’t Need Another System 
To Tell You How To Do More Stuff…

Instead – you need to EVOLVE as a THINKER. To become more disciplined as a THINKER... 

And in doing so, you can use whatever system you want and you’re gonna get more done. 

All because you unlocked this uncommon new ability.

Unfortunately, most productivity tools are not designed with that “evolution” in mind…

But when you find one that does… it’ll allow you to evolve into a better “athlete” MENTALLY.

It’ll teach you what to think about… and in doing so, what to do (and not do).

But There’s More To It Than That!

One thing I discovered is, not only are the activities and components within the system important… 

But equally as important is the SEQUENCE in which you use them all.

Think of some elite chef – give them some quality ingredients and they can blow your mind and tastebuds with what’s possible… 

Whereas someone who doesn’t know what they’re doing, even with the best ingredients and utensils... 

They’re still making a culinary equivalent of road kill.

Here’s something that’s important to understand:

There’s SYNERGY in the RECIPE!

Combine the right ingredients... in the right way… and in the right order…

1+2+4 = 10,000... 

But remove the 4... and the total may reduce to 3.

Make sense?

That recipe is what I discovered after the fateful decision I mentioned earlier... 

But… this wasn’t an overnight discovery… or revealed to me through a set of lucky circumstances...

It came together over several months of trial and toil. 

Gradually refining and optimizing the process.

And that’s good news. Because it’s not something someone threw together after a couple days to sell to people.

It was born of my own necessity.

I Wish I Had This System 
Back When Starting Out

If I did, it would have accelerated our growth over the past 4+ years exponentially.

And it’s not that we didn’t test out a whole lot of stuff in an effort to do that…

In fact, I tried every planner, book and system I could get my hands on over the years..

I even remember having this Evernote setup where I thought I was super-organized and productive…

Looking back now…

It sucked!


Compared to today, I was accomplishing a small fraction of what I was capable… and was working much harder for it.

And look, no one’s going to tell you otherwise – being an entrepreneur IS hard work.

But many people are struggling FAR more than they need to be.

If you’re overwhelmed, stressed or anxious all the time, it’s time for a new approach...

So allow me to introduce you to...

The Definitive System For Experts Who Want To Accomplish More In A Fraction Of The Time


Productivity Pack v2 reveals my philosophy and system for to-do list creation, management and prioritization – on a monthly, weekly and daily level… 

Along with goal-setting and time-blocking for achievement-based outcomes.

The only reason we recorded the training in the first place was because, after teaching it to a few members of my team and witnessing their performance take off…

It became blindingly obvious:

We had to share this with our clients to help them get even better results – in far less time.

Now, whenever someone new joins our team now, this is literally the first thing we get them to go through.

Same with new clients...

They’re required to go through this at the start of the program so they steer clear of overwhelm and can move fast getting the “right” stuff done.

Best of all, the system is so EASY to implement – you can be up and running before you’ve even finished watching the training videos.

In fact, just to demonstrate to you how effective this system is, I’m going to share how it’s impacted a few past and present team members with completely different roles.

...and, even more importantly, what several clients have already experienced upon plugging this into their own businesses.

Ben - Director of Client Success


“My first 5 months as Director of Client Success, I was doing okay. I was holding things together, clients were still getting results – but I was drowning in overwhelm. I wasn’t completely ineffective, but very reactive.

At one point, I was transitioning one of my team members – so for a time I was doing my role AND my assistant’s role. And then add the birth of my 3rd child to the picture...

There were a good 3 or 4 times over those months where Taylor had to convince me not to throw in the towel.


“I started using this training in November and after a couple of consistent months it has literally changed me and my productivity like nothing else I’ve ever done.

Before this, I’d tried time blocking and only taking calls on certain days – and it was helpful to a point. But it doesn’t empower you the way that this system does. Not all encompassing. More like a tactic vs a holistic system.

I’m gaining more and more confidence because not only am I accomplishing more every day, but doing that has put me and my team on a trajectory of getting better results for clients.

It gives you this sense of being unbeatable. I’ve gotten to this point now where I actually feel like a Director.”

Ashton - Senior Media Buyer


“I was literally working 10-12 hours a day – I was getting things done but I wasn’t effective at all. And I was completely brain-dead after.

I’ve never had an issue of not working hard enough or not working enough, it’s always been an issue of not working SMART enough and forcing myself to stop.”


“I noticed when I started diving in, my work day would get over quicker. I can do the same amount of work, if not more ‘needle moving’ tasks, while working HALF the amount.

It gets to 2:30-3:00pm and I’ve done everything I need for the day. Then I can study or shift into a more managerial mindset to support my team in hitting their KPIs.

And it’s not just that we’re working less. We’re become so productive and effective that we’re ahead of our goals! And it’s a compound effect because the clarity you get when you’re ahead makes you even more effective.

Ultimately this has been WAY healthier for me.”

Blake - Marketing Director, The Sales Mentor™


“I was working as a Marketing Director when I found the productivity pack. I was completely stressed out from the business of the role I was trying to adapt to… and I knew that there had to be a better way.

I had tried pretty much every software tool that there is, but they never seemed to actually help… just help me track the number of things I was doing. But still, I was overwhelmed and didn’t feel like I was in control.”


“Taylor said a number of profound things within the Productivity Pack training that completely shifted the way I was thinking, and made me realize where exactly I was going wrong.

It gave me the clarity I needed to re-focus myself and my efforts… but also the system to help me put my newfound state of mind to good use.

Through using the system, I was much calmer, less stressed, and more focused on my goals. As such, I was able to 3x the ROI of the company within 3 short weeks by remaining hyper-focused and following the system.

This is so much more than a system… it’s a high-performance cheatsheet to get you where you want to go faster, and with absolute clarity.”

Mike - Marketing Director, Traffic & Funnels™


“When I started at Traffic and Funnels, I looked at the Productivity Pack at face value and if I’m being honest I was pretty cynical about it. 

No one needs another ‘get more done in less time’ training and that’s exactly what I thought it was.

After all, I already considered myself quite productive.”


The biggest thing for me has been mindset. The way I’m distilling everything down to my absolute highest leverage tasks.

The system, by design, forces me on a weekly and monthly basis to zoom out and identify and focus on the highest return activities for both myself and my team.

And because it is intentional in that way, the Productivity Pack has allowed me to achieve mind blowing results, break company records, and consistently hit the goals that I set for both my team and myself.”

Robert - Copywriter


“For four months I was down in the pits getting bashed around by due dates, and a thousand ideas that were clouding my focus. And I was working HARD… like 18-hour days, 6 days a week because the overwhelm sapped my effectiveness.

Tasks would come back because I hadn’t done them well. So I’d have to go rewrite emails and other copy. And it’d all just pile on…”


“Then Chris got us on this ‘effectiveness training,’ and in one week I wrote an entire 30-page sales letter and 17 emails!”

And in case you think we’re biased, check out...

How Coaches, Consultants
& Service Providers Are Already
Profiting From This System

Even More Praise for Productivity Pack...

"Before Productivity Pack, things were messed up. I tried using my calendar, using the 4x6 card, writing lists on paper, wunderlist… I always found myself looking for the next hack.

But with this. It’s very easy to follow… and most important. It sticks. I first started using this system 25 March 2019 (almost a year ago) and still use it to this day.

Now I have a clear picture of how my week and month is going to look. I’m getting total clarity and being accountable to myself. "

- Dean Green -

The productivity training is THE thing that keeps me on track. In my world (permanently traveling), everything changes sometimes twice a week. If you ain't doing this, you're missing out. Suck it up. Eat the learning curve and level up."

- Pat Sgro -

“This training is the only way I get anything done. I watched it inside CK several months back. If I didn't use this system, I'd be SOL... 

Grateful for this system. I'll never leave it."

- Mary McGilvray -

Even just the process of writing our goals at the top of the page every day fires me up. If I'm feeling shitty one day and try to calibrate the goals to my mood - nope. There it is on the schedule for the day."

- Sean Rumball -

“I literally love weekly mapping. I've always been big on calendaring and managing my time, but having a physical paper on my person at all times that literally keeps me on track to my goals is a game changer. 

If you haven't done the productivity training, don't expect to get anything else done."

- Ashlyn Biggs Leyba -

“The productivity training literally changed my life. I have so much going on, if I don't plan my week in advance I'm screwed! My weekly map goes on my giant whiteboard."

- Ann du Plessis -

“Seems to me if people aren't using this training, they're set up for failure. I know when I've skipped it, or even left my map at home (cough, last week, cough), it's not just noticeable to me, but to others."

- Megan Kuethen -

“The productivity pack was a purchase prior to CK so was already consumed and was doing it beforehand. Was very hard to flip the mindset to believe 'Freedom Equals Discipline'. But it's true. 

If I can convert to a focused schedule, anyone can. Still have work to do - Thank you!"

- Ryan Ellis -

“Productivity training changed my life!"

- Ayries Blanc -

“I LOOOOVE my maps. I really thrive off this system."

- Jeremy Damiano -

“I have literally never been this productive and yet relaxed at the same time. I thought I was pretty well-organized... but the Productivity Training just takes it to another level."

- Niclas Stock -

“Just got in and all I have to say is... WOW. Did my productivity weekly/daily map and implemented this morning. Literally got everything done for the first time in forever. I'm hooked. My staff was impressed."

- Stephen Rodriguez -

“Both [Productivity Pack and the Morning Formula] have been massive in my progress in life and in business. 

Starting the day with your morning formula gets you perfectly aligned with who you want to show up as and why you do what you do day in and day out.

The weekly and daily maps are so simple but super effective. I haven't missed a Sunday doing my weekly map for 6 months or a daily map (on a day that I'm working). And I can honestly say I've been the most productive and grown the most in my life during that time.

If you haven't implemented this stuff yet, the opportunity cost is huge. Just frickin do it and get this stuff into your routine ASAP."

- Nicholas Elia -

“Currently on week 2. This is my new gold."

- Cheryl Spangler -

“Both [Productivity Pack and the Morning Formula] have restructured my whole life and are starting to ripple out to clients too"

- Ernest Chapman -

“Morning Formula EVERY DAY for 3 months means I have completely normalized the ideas in my v1 (ex. $2MM home, $800k/mo biz, being THE pre-eminent leader in my field) which has allowed me to act accordingly. 

Through the practice, I have already achieved many of the milestones from the OG document and I've had to revise it every month to be bigger.

My favorite part of the productivity pack is the weekly reviews. Having that solidly in my routine every Saturday has helped me become a better coach OF myself

And has also helped me quickly correct course when I am letting any areas of my life slip."

- Matthew Walrath -

And this feedback is after implementing just the original version of the training.

At the start of the year, I got together with my team to shoot an updated version of the training. 


Think of it like this: it’s the difference between Warren buffet with a $2M net worth explaining stocks… vs Warren Buffet with an $85B net worth after 40 years explaining stocks. 

He’s probably learned some things over time that have enabled him to teach the subject matter better.

It may not be anywhere near 40 years… but I’ve certainly learned a thing or two.

The system has been updated and improved. It’s even more efficient so it can be done quicker – without sacrificing one ounce of its potency.

Part of the reason for that is…

I don’t just have one business anymore, I have three.

We don’t just have 15 employees anymore, we have more than 60.

There’s a LOT more I’m required to do to keep it all running smoothly. And I couldn’t afford to have the system drag me down.

What You’ll Find Inside 

Productivity Pack v2 is delivered via a series of training videos (totally 75 minutes).

Plus a “cheat sheet” reference, templates and other supporting materials to make implementing it dead simple…

Along with access to the original trainings (since there’s some gold I dropped in there that isn’t discussed anywhere else).

You’ll watch as I walk you through the entire system – step-by-step – with examples of everything. You’ll be equipped with the very best method for planning your days, weeks and months that I’ve ever known.

Within the first day of using it, you’ll already start feeling more focused and productive…

A week in, you’ll notice yourself feeling more confident because you’re actually following through on things and starting to move the needle on your goals...

And by the end of your first month, people will start asking...

“Are you taking something?! How on earth is your output this high? What are you doing to get so much important stuff done?”

It’s amazing how much things can change in such a short period of time…

You can wrap-up each day – guilt-free – as you glance over your list of completed tasks with a sense of satisfaction and accomplishment...

Knowing that you’ve achieved more in the past few hours than you previously would’ve managed in the space of a week…

And then you still feel energized enough to enjoy your life outside of your work. 

(What’s the point if you can’t enjoy the fruits of your labor, right?)

Even better are the effects on your bottom line, since you’re accomplishing more things that actually generate CASH in your business.

  • A critical piece you must have in your DAILY calendar to sustain and grow your confidence in accomplishing tasks (less than 1 in 1000 entrepreneurs do this – yet it’s a game-changer for your schedule)
  • ​The “energy leech” latched onto most entrepreneurs brains… and the dead-simple way to protect yourself from it (easy fix, and super important if you feel like you’ve got no bandwidth left
  • Working on a million different things and never really knowing if anything was moving forward or not
  • How to create your “daily map”... and the piece you must include every time to keep your focus trained in on what matters
  • ​My exact “weekly review” process – after years of iteration this is the best version yet for course-correcting and stacking wins (effective “feedback mechanisms” like this are vital to your ability to produce)
  • The one thing missing from your day that keeps your “runway for burnout” real short (Jay Abraham urged us to get this in place right away)
  • ​​The “3-3-3” process for moving the needle on your big, audacious goals (without having to “hustle hustle hustle”)
  • The “cost of output” and why you must consider it when scheduling your day (any day I ignore this it’s a guaranteed stress trigger)
  • ​And much more...

Now obviously, being able to (conservatively) double your output… and in turn give a healthy jolt to your bank account… would make the investment for Productivity Pack v2 a no brainer at nearly any price...

But I ain’t stopping there. If I did I wouldn’t be serving you the best I can…

So when you grab Productivity Pack v2 today, I’m also including for you...

Productivity Supplement #1: 

Outcome-Based Goals Masterclass

VALUE: $497

Ever feel like you “want so much” but don’t know what to do to achieve it?

5 years ago, Chris and I had nothing. Zero revenue, zero team, zero momentum. Barely $1,300 between us.

Now we run 3 profitable companies that continue to grow... 

We have two US-based offices. A team of over 50 all-stars. A rapidly-expanding real estate portfolio. A net worth in the 8 figures…  

And we both have our dream homes and cars (me: a Porsche and a couple Telsas; Chris: a minivan lol… though his Lake house is pretty nice).

This isn’t to brag. The point I’m making is... 

NONE of this would have been possible if we weren’t any good at setting and then achieving the right goals.

I’d even dare to say this drove our success IN SPITE OF the lousy systems we had in place prior to developing the Productivity Pack framework (though if combined, we’d have gotten where we are in a fraction of the time).

And after dramatically improving that process over these past 4+ years…

We finally revealed the “secret recipe.”

Back in December, I got in a room with 20 of our $36k top-tier ELITE clients to spill the goal-setting process behind our dramatic growth over these past few years…

And we recorded it all.

The original plan was to sell this on its own for $199 (we even announced it in our paid newsletter)...

However, when you claim Productivity Pack v2 today... 

You have the opportunity to sneak in the room and soak in wisdom intended only for our very best clients – absolutely FREE.

In this 2 hour 17 minute session you’ll discover…

  • The 4-step method we followed when defining our company goals for 2020…
  • ​How we extract “lessons” into “principles”... and the 4 exact principles guiding our 2020 (this is something no one else does)
  • Why you need to track the NET attached to everything
  • ​How to use “constraints” to grow further and faster (even smart people commonly mix these up with goals and struggle to hit their target) 
  • ​The role your identity plays in goal setting (without alignment here you’re guaranteed to fail)
  • And a whole lot more on how to accomplish your wildest dreams...

Please forgive me. After you complete this masterclass you’ll almost definitely want to set your goals for 2020 over again ;)

But mark my words, it’ll be worth it.

And that’s not all, to super-charge your productivity even more…

You’re getting access to one of the most valuable trainings we’ve ever created!

Productivity Supplement #2: 

The Morning Formula 
“Normalization” Training

VALUE: $297

This is something Chris and I have used religiously since day one. 

The reason that’s so important is because if we didn’t use it...

I seriously doubt we’d have achieved even a fraction of what we have today.

The Morning Formula has been a foundational part of our client program for the past 4 years, too... 

And a pivotal piece that helps our clients become a better version of themselves more capable of achieving their audacious goals.

Simply put: 

It helps you bring your goals into existence and grow into the person you want to be – in a radically short time-frame...

While “normalizing” these new levels of success.

What’s more, this pairs with the Productivity Pack to make it even more impactful – it’s like a growth accelerant.

This is the exact same training from inside our $10k client program...

And today you get it FREE when you claim your copy of Productivity Pack v2.

But I’m not stopping there either…

Productivity Supplement #3: 

Energy & Performance For Entrepreneurs

VALUE: $997

When “biology” and “mindset” get into a fight…

Biology always wins!

So if your focus, physical energy and emotional state are shot… 

Even the very best productivity framework can only help you so much…

You’re gonna be stuck running at only a fraction of your potential.

Don’t believe me? Try skipping sleep tonight and then try having a full productive day tomorrow.

Not gonna happen.

Even if you managed to work through it, you’ll be stuck in first gear the whole time… probably making mistakes all over the place and getting 10% as much done.

I half-jokingly say I’m “high maintenance.” 

But the reality is, if you’re reading this, your work demands more of you than what most people are ever faced with. That’s just the nature of entrepreneurship.

This means it’s 100x more important for you to protect your energy, your emotional state, your environment… 

Yet most entrepreneurs are unaware of all the ways they’re being zapped and depleted in each of those areas – on a daily basis.

That’s why, at two separate in-person events we ran last year exclusively for clients in our ELITE program (no one paid less than $24k to be there)…

I went deep on this topic.

Strategies that have been transformative not just for myself and Chris…

But for the entire T&F team (it’s saved quite a few people from burnout and kept “off” days to a minimum).

Across 2+ hours you’ll discover… 

  • The “Push/Pull” strategy that immediately multiplies your effectiveness while making you almost bulletproof against burnout
  • ​The 10 pillars of “Holistic Optimization” to keep yourself confident, centered and at the top of your game (miss more than 3 and you’ll lose your sense of control… yet once AWARE of them you can correct in no time)
  • Why your habit and routines may be SHUTTING DOWN your central nervous system and carving your capacity in half… and a simply tweak to fix this without surrendering your momentum
  • ​The “Barracuda Principle” and how it’s crucial to sustaining your motivation and drive 
  • ​Clean & Dark Energy – the pros and cons of each… and exactly how to capitalize on their unique advantages (most people consider dark energy “bad” yet it’s critical for coasting through inevitable ruts)
  • Macro & micro energy cycles and how to manage them so you don’t burn out (Chris and I are polar opposites in this area)
  • The 3 critical factors that impact your energy (#3 is “regulation” and very few entrepreneurs do this correctly – at great cost)
  • ​And a LOT more… 

No one’s had access to BOTH of these trainings for less than $598. Today it’s included with your copy of Productivity Pack v2 at no added cost.

And I’m still not done. I always want you to have...

Productivity Supplement #4: 

Behavior Optimization training

VALUE: $1899

This 3-part training series was originally designed for our sales program (which costs $299/mo). 

It’s all about how to construct the perfect “closer” DNA because to sell effectively you need to show up at your best consistently…

But obviously, that’s something valuable to any entrepreneur.

That’s why I’m including this training for you today. So you can optimize your behavior and show up at your best – fully leveraging the power of the Productivity Pack framework.

Here’s what you’ll discover across this 2h53m training series...

In part 1, Optimizing Motivation, you’ll learn about creating consistency in how you feel, biology and vision, keeping energy at peak state, and normalizing (and upleveling) performance via thresholds & maintenance…

In Optimizing Environment, I reveal the keys to structuring workflows, cash allocation, abundance thinking, “triggers” and environmental design

In the final session, Targets & Math, you’ll get the goodies on “chess vs checkers,” inversion & reverse-engineering targets, goal setting vs target setting and accuracy in projecting trajectory.

There’s no way leveraging this material can’t further enhance your focus, energy and output – it’s a guaranteed prouctivity boost.

And once more – it’s included with your Productivity Pack v2 order today absolutely free.

PLUS... last of all... the cherry on top…

You Can Get It All Today 
WITHOUT Investing The $11k+ 
Thousands Of Clients Gladly Paid

At this point you’re probably wondering what’s all this gonna cost?

Even though more than 2,381 of our clients paid as much as $10,800 to gain access to this coveted framework... 

I don’t believe the barrier to this material needs to be that high. 

After all, this is a critical leverage point for EVERY entrepreneur. 

If you can’t be productive in your business, your business ain’t going far. 

So after reshooting this brand new version of the program, and packing in some insanely-valuable supplemental trainings…

I thought $379 would be more than worth it for what you’re getting…

Especially for a process that’s already been “battle-tested” and proven by a couple thousand coaches, consultants, freelancers, agency owners and other experts… 

And considering how much most entrepreneurs are leaving on the table each month…

It seemed like a steal.

It would pay for itself during the first month easily.

Even if you only saw a modest 10% boost (which is far below typical) in your day-to-day output and halved your overwhelm… 

Wouldn’t even that still be worth it when you zoom out and consider the impact across weeks, months and years?

But I want to make this an even easier decision for entrepreneurs everywhere. 

And besides, Chris and I are convinced that, if you’re able to level-up your productivity… you’ll quickly find yourself in a position where it makes sense to join one of our high-level client programs. 

So because of that, today you won’t even pay $199…

Not even $149 (the ORIGINAL plan for Productivity Pack v1)

As part of a special limited-time offer...

Today you can get the full Productivity Pack v2… including each of the supplemental trainings I mentioned above... for only $97.

Simply click the button below to claim yours now.

What You’ll Find Inside 

Productivity Pack v2 is delivered via a series of training videos (totally 75 minutes).

Plus a “cheat sheet” reference, templates and other supporting materials to make implementing it dead simple…

Along with access to the original trainings (since there’s some gold I dropped in there that isn’t discussed anywhere else).

You’ll watch as I walk you through the entire system – step-by-step – with examples of everything. You’ll be equipped with the very best method for planning your days, weeks and months that I’ve ever known.

Within the first day of using it, you’ll already start feeling more focused and productive…

A week in, you’ll notice yourself feeling more confident because you’re actually following through on things and starting to move the needle on your goals...

And by the end of your first month, people will start asking...

Here's Exactly What You Get When You 
Claim Productivity Pack v2 For Just $97:

  • The brand-new, revamped Productivity Pack v2 video trainings
  • Cheat sheets and other supporting materials
  • The original Productivity Pack v1 video trainings
  • Productivity Supplement #1: The Outcome-Based Goals Masterclass
  • Productivity Supplement #2: The Morning Formula “Normalization” Training
  • Productivity Supplement #3: Energy & Performance for Entrepreneurs
  • ​Productivity Supplement #4: Behavioral Optimization 3-Part Training

Are You Ready To Accomplish More In Your Business In A Fraction Of The Time?

Here’s all you need to do to secure Productivity Pack v2 today...

Simply click the button below and you’ll be taken to our order form where you can claim this limited offer. It takes only a minute, and your information will be 100% secure.

Moments after you finish, you’ll receive an email granting instant digital access to Productivity Pack v2 and each of your supplemental trainings.

It’s as simple as that.

Now, if for some weird reason, $97 seems like too much to you to multiply your productivity while clearing away overwhelm... 

Then you’re welcome to click off this page because this isn't for you. Besides, you should probably get back to work, right?

But if you’re still with me, I want to make it even more of a no-brainer decision for you. 

That’s why I’m going to shoulder all the risk…

Our “Get More Finished... 
...Or It’s Free” 90-Day Guarantee

I’m so convinced you’ll love Productivity Pack v2, including the supplemental trainings on Goal-setting, Performance, Behavioral Optimization and the Morning Formula... 

All of which you’ll receive a few moments from now…

That when you claim them today – you do it at zero risk.

Here’s why…

I want you to take 90 days – that’s three whole months – to see why this is the best $97 you’ll invest in yourself all year.

Put the full Productivity Pack and Productivity Supplement trainings to immediate use in your business, and be amazed just how quickly things shift.

You’re either completely thrilled with your new levels of clarity, focus, and cash-generating output…

...or shoot us an email at or call us on +1 (615) 953-9536 and we’ll rush to refund 100% of your purchase price.

The original version sold for $49. So the risk of the price going up further is no joke.

After all, I’ve crammed exponentially more value into this brand new version...

Whatever the case, it’s far less expensive than the cost of going another week… another month… another year only tapping a portion of what you already know you’re capable. 

So if you’re ready to level up your effectiveness in your business – now’s the time to act.

And besides, can you afford NOT to get this handled right now?

When You Look Back 90 Days From Now – What Will You Have Accomplished?

Will you be getting the same results you’ve been getting up until now?

Not really moving the needle on anything that matters – at least not anywhere close to the pace you know you could be…  

But at least you’re managing to “stay afloat”, right? 

(even if it means you’re working your ass off and neglecting your loved ones)

Fighting the growing stress while surrendering your life outside of work just to keep up with the demands of growing a business?

Maybe even noticing that despite your hard work, other people are pulling ahead of you since they’re somehow accomplishing a LOT more than you seem capable...


Will you be moving the needle each day on impactful projects and goals? 

Experiencing momentum, clarity and control you didn't think could exist?

Feeling more confident than ever in your ability to FINISH things in your business... 

Without all the stress and overwhelm?

Actually feeling satisfied, accomplished and proud at the end of every day and week… able to fully enjoy your time off from work because you got the important stuff handled.

Forcing people to ask... 

“What’s your secret? What changed? How are you making so much happen all of a sudden?!”

Look, the choice is yours.

But if you want my advice...

Don’t waste another moment. Take advantage of this special deal right now while it's still available:

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– Taylor

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is Productivity Pack v2 best suited to?

Thousands of coaches, consultants, freelancers, agency owners, and other experts already use this framework for multiplied output and reduced stress...

So if you fit that description… or you’re on the team for someone who does… this is perfect for you.

But of course, the reality is, anyone who uses this will get a lot out of it.

Especially if you have a lot to do and don’t want to feel weighed down by it all.

What makes Productivity Pack different from every other system  and planner out there?

There’s 2 things that separate Productivity Pack from anything else out these... 

There’s the PHILOSOPHY behind the system… 

It allows you to think about productivity in a way that supports you achieving your big goals in record time.

And then there’s the SEQUENCE you use each of its components.

You may already use a sole component of the system… but just because you have one ingredient doesn’t mean you’ll cook an amazing meal.

Remember, there’s synergy in the recipe.

And this is a world-class recipe.

I’m already decent at productivity… will I get something out of this?

Yes, absolutely. A couple years back I thought I was pretty good in this area, too… 

Compared to where I’m at now, I was hitting maybe 40% of my potential on a good week.

But the thing is, most people fit into that bucket…

There’s just so much untapped potential. 

Between learning how to set better goals… 
Planning your months, weeks and days in the most effective way possible… 
Tapping new levels of energy and performance… 
All while upgrading your identity & mindset…

It’s literally impossible NOT to get a ton of value from this.

How long does it take to get up and running with this system?

You can literally be up and running today…

As you go through the video trainings, you’ll find it’s quite easy to set everything up.

There may also be a few small things you refine over the next couple weeks – as you go through feedback loops and such.

But you’ll be reaping the benefits from day one.

I’m already busy and don’t wanna spend all my time on upkeep of the system. Does this require much time from me to use and maintain?

Once a week you’ll want to dedicate roughly an hour to it – which will easily save you 10 hours over the following week. 

For your day-to-day, it’ll take a couple minutes max (the “heavy lifting” is done at the weekly level). 

It’s all easy to maintain and doesn’t require any regular time-wasting “overhead” (I’m looking at you, GTD!)

Not only that, the amount of time you’ll save over the coming weeks, months and years is truly staggering. 

Think about it. Moving the important stuff forward at a faster pace than ever… culling away the stuff that doesn’t really matter… actually having time to spend away from work guilt-free (so you can still show up for the people you care about). 

I’ve tried my share of systems but can never seem to stick anything, is this even worth my time?

We’ve had several clients and customers tell us that this is the first productivity system they’ve been able to sustain long-term.

Why it that?

Aside from the fact that it straight up WORKS…

It’s a lean, easy to follow process (no time wasted on things that don’t impact your ability to produce)...

It unlocks new levels of clarity (wiping away overwhelm and increasing your drive)...

It makes prioritization 100x easier (and as you use the system more, it gets even easier)...

It releases the stress valve (you don’t need to going out of your mind to achieve)...

Plus – when you start winning consistently… it can be addictive :)

I procrastinate and get distracted constantly. Will Productivity Pack help me?

Almost definitely.

If you’re procrastinating and getting distracted, it’s likely one of THREE things is to blame:

1. You’re lacking clarity. You don’t know exactly how you should be spending you time… or you’re attempting to do things that don’t actually serve your goals.

When it’s crystal clear what you need to do, when, and why… and you have “feedback loops” in place… it’s only natural that you become more productive.

2. You’re terrified of what you need to do. Which means either you’re not equipped for what you want to achieve… or fears and head trash are getting in the way. If it’s the latter, the Morning Formula (which is included) can help with that.

3. You need to rebuild your confidence. One thing I discuss in the original training is the blow your confidence takes when you continually DON’T do the things you committed to do. 

The Productivity Pack framework will absolutely help you do that.

What do I actually get when I purchase today?

  • The brand-new, revamped Productivity Pack v2 video trainings
  • Cheat sheets and other supporting materials
  • The original Productivity Pack v1 video trainings
  • Productivity Supplement #1: The Outcome-Based Goals Masterclass
  • Productivity Supplement #2: The Morning Formula “Normalization” Training
  • Productivity Supplement #3: Energy & Performance for Entrepreneurs
  • ​Productivity Supplement #4: Behavioral Optimization 3-Part Training

All for $97. Crazy, I know.

Is this a complete system or is there extra stuff I need to get the most out of it?

It’s complete. 

Between the core trainings and the Productivity Supplements I’ve packed into this offer… you have everything you’ll ever need to hit your goals, crank up your output… and experience stress-free achievement in your business and life.

What was that guarantee you mentioned?

Productivity Pack v2 comes with a 90-day 100% Money-Back Guarantee.

That means you can put it through its paces over the next 3 months… 

If you’re like almost everyone who has adopted the framework, you’ll be over the moon with the results you’re seeing.

But if somehow you don’t experience a significant lift in your productivity, I insist you contact us for a full refund of your purchase price.

No questions, hassles or hoops to jump through. 

You can reach our team by email at or call us at +1 (615) 953-9536 and we’ll rush to refund 100% of your purchase price.

This sounds fantastic! How do I get started?

It’s dead-simple. Just click the button below…

...complete the quick and easy checkout process...

And moments after you finish, you’ll receive an email granting instant digital access to Productivity Pack v2 and each of your Productivity Supplement trainings.